Kotschenreuther offers an alternative to long trucks

Kotschenreuther Fahrzeugbau from Wallenfels in Upper Franconia is entering the market for extra-long truck trains with its own concept. The long trucks currently in use consist of a truck with space for 19 Euro pallets or. 14 Industrial pallets, a 2-axle dolly and a Eurosaddle with two or three axles and a loading capacity of 33 Euro pallets or. 26 Industrial pallets. Overall, a train like this is loading 52 Euro pallets or 40 Industrial pallets. Because the vehicle combinations have to run through the EU lane circle, These combinations require complex steering of the dolly or the relocation of the dolly coupling far behind the rear of the truck, so that the following saddle does not drive over the inner track circle. That's the maintenance- and maintenance costs for these units are significantly higher than for conventional semi-trailers, plus they cost 6-8 required axles for these combinations payload – such a long truck combination can achieve a maximum 19 bis 21 Load tons.

After Kotschenreuther, as a proven jumbo tandem train specialist, has implemented several trains with the less common semi-trailer tandem trailer combination in recent years and was not really satisfied with the driving behavior of the vehicles, we are now breaking completely new ground: “The suggestion came from the Elflein shipping company in Bamberg, which is probably the largest operator of extra-long trucks in Germany. The payload of the truck dolly semi-trailers and semi-trailer tandem trains previously in use was far too low for a new project, and Elflein looked for viable new paths.”, said Wolfgang Kotschenreuther, the technical consultant and key account manager from Kotschenreuther.

“The flying Franconian forest”

“We then took a very close look at the regulations – to be honest, this was also based on the premise, If possible, avoid using the saddle here, “As a small niche provider, we cannot and do not want to keep up with the industry giants.”, comments Bernd cutting, the managing director. The articulated train then turned out to be the most interesting model.
Both vehicles are allowed in this combination, Trucks and trailers, never longer than 12 be meters.

This gives you loading lengths, the truck has space for 23 Euro pallets or. 18 Industrial pallets and trailers 25 Euro pallets or 20 Allow industrial pallets.
With 48 Euro pallets respectively 38 For industrial pallets, such a move depends on the number of pallets 8 or. 5 % among the saddle combinations.
“We consider the lower loading volume given the lower maintenance costs and a payload of up to 24 to and the significantly better drivability for portable", says Bernd cutting. “For Elflein, with lightweight construction and aluminum rims, we were able to achieve a payload of 24 to realize, which also corresponds to the requirements profile. The tandem weighs 4,800kg, der Motorwagen 11.200 kg with complete structure.
Even with additional equipment such as toolboxes, spare wheel or our new Versus Penta Wave tarpaulin quick-opening system, the payload is still at least 23 to, “And the train doesn’t drive much differently than a tandem train – it doesn’t have any more wearing parts than this,” adds Wolfgang Kotschenreuther.
Kotschenreuther sees a market of up to 25% of all long truck combinations for the “Flying Franconian Forest”, which the company named with some local pride, especially here - in contrast to combinations with saddle and 3 meters of interior height – including the modern side opening systems, which do not require central stanchions or insert slats, can be realized. This saves customers a lot of time per unloading point. A mega saddle does not allow these systems at all or only to a very limited extent due to its low neck height.
In addition, such a tandem pull on the trailer offers the possibility, to achieve an internal height of over 3,100mm - this is also not possible with a saddle.

Kotschenreuther specializes in volume articulated trains and automated loading- and unloading systems for the automotive industry and is particularly user-friendly and shortened- and unloading times, True to the company motto “charge faster – drive easier”. In the future, the company would like to offer at least one important new development for customers and drivers every year, to live up to this motto.