Semi-trailers – the extraordinary ones

Kotschenreuther builds it, what the market giants cannot or do not want to do. From jumbo trailers to coil saddles to special box saddles, we produce according to customer requirements.

However, our trailer program ends there, where our parent company Meusburger begins - Kotschenreuther does not produce hydraulically steered vehicles, Heavy-duty low loaders or vehicles with more than three axles.

Our specialty in the saddle area is also volume transport, both as a suitcase and under tarpaulin.



Niche products upon customer request

Ease of use

Easy to use

Special solutions

Special solutions such as chain transport systems


Healthy combination of lightweight construction and robustness

Technical characteristics

  • Each vehicle is designed individually for each customer – whether for 2- or 3-axle tractor, Whether as a mega semi-trailer or as a standard vehicle – there are no off-the-shelf vehicles at Kotschenreuther. Robust constructions made of fine-grain steel ensure longevity and each vehicle is designed around the transport task at hand.

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