Modular axes – the efficient ones

Our tower crane axles represent another special program. This means that a crane can move efficiently from construction site to construction site “on its own axis”..

We offer modular 2- and 3-axis systems, also with redirection, for all well-known crane manufacturers.


Lowest possible loading height

Lowest possible loading height thanks to sheet metal cover over the wheels


High quality hydraulic components


Compact design

Ease of use

As always, the focus is on ease of use and ergonomics.


The axis lines consist of modular elements, which can be combined with each other.

Technical characteristics

  • We normally use 19.5” axles for our crane axles, the up to 12 to be able to carry.
  • For maneuverability on construction sites, the rear axle modules are equipped with a steering device.
  • The modules are very compact and are bolted together.
  • The axles can be equipped for all crane types on the market.

further special features

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