Turntable pulleys – the flexible ones

We deliver individually designed vehicles according to customer requirements. We don't manufacture according to a grid, but with millimeter precision in both height and length. All special equipment is available, for example tarpaulins with the Versus Penta Wave quick-opening system, Load-through, Transportable forklifts etc.

Whether 2-axle or 3-axle – Kotschenreuther also produces to customer specifications in the drawbar trailer segment, both as volume trains and without a lifting roof.


Ease­ of­ use

Our vehicles are designed with the user in mind - ease of use is the priority for all functional parts of the vehicle.

Corrosion­ protection

Excellent corrosion protection – we deliver our steel chassis hot-dip galvanized upon request, The structure consists of high-quality painted aluminum components.


We are ahead, when it comes to faster loading- and unloading times, knows from. B. with our Versus Penta Wave system or the two-part roof beam, which enables the lifting roof to be operated without opening the doors.

Cus­tom­ made

We offer the entire range of features and lengths- and interior height dimensions in millimeter increments.

long­lebigl­ use

We grant it out of conviction 24 Months warranty on road vehicles.

Technical characteristics

  • Our turntable trains basically consist of a solid steel construction, either painted, spray galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, and an all-aluminum structure.
  • This ensures robustness with a low weight.
  • Our components come exclusively from European suppliers with a global reputation.
  • Axles from BPW or SAF, Wabco braking systems, Lighting from Aspöck or BPW, Stanchions- and body systems from Hestal or Wihag, Tops from Edscha and Versus as well as fasteners and tension ratchets from Pommier and Thiriet demonstrate our high quality standards.

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