Swap body systems – the lightweights

Kotschenreuther has decades of experience with swap body systems.

Kotschenreuther also offers volume bridges in the BDF area with up to 3000 mm internal height at storage height 980 mm. We offer the appropriate motor vehicles and central axle mounts. Low weight, Our models are characterized by ease of use and robustness.

We also make plateau, Suitcase- or side wall swap bodies as well as full tarpaulins- and air freight swap bodies.


Low tare ­weight

Our carriages, Superstructures and swap bodies are among the lightest systems on the market. Reduced weight saves costs and protects the environment: Pro Ton ca. 1 liters of diesel 100 km bzw. 4000 € with a mileage of 400 000 km.

Corrosion­ protection

If possible, galvanized: still the best and most durable corrosion protection.


Ease of use is also our first goal in development and implementation.


Swap body systems are the packhorses in the transport industry - frequent changing of trucks, Changing drivers put extreme strain on the material. Our designs take this into account.


Realization of all customer wishes possible


Particularly important in this area

Technical characteristics

  • Our tandems are the lightest on the market: under 3000 kg with steel rims (without special equipment). A minimum of weld seams protects the vehicles from frame cracks. The motor vehicle attachments are also some of the lightest and very robust.
  • When it comes to volume swap bodies, we are up to 300 kg lighter than the competition, as we also offer all-aluminum bodies on request, similar to our fixed bodies.
  • Hot-dip galvanizing is standard in this segment.

further special features

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