Since over 20 For years, Kotschenreuther has offered a jumbo drinks saddle with a loading height of 790 or 850mm in the low bed and a clear internal height in the low bed of 3250 oder 3190mm an. This is achieved through a roof construction, which is only a few millimeters thick. The vehicles have 2 fixed partitions and a fixed back wall and offer in all 3 Segments provide a smooth loading option, which does not require a side shift on the loading forklift.

“Our vehicles are very durable and long-lasting – we have customers, the above 12 Have vehicles in your fleet that are years old, and that despite repeated daily treatments- and discharge. They also offer a lot of operating comfort thanks to a hydropneumatic lifting roof.

We have continually improved this type of vehicle over the years, for example just before 3 years with a new one, Lighter partition wall concept for more payload. In recent years we have had more and more inquiries about the side tarpaulin, which we found to be too stiff, and the difficulty of handling the slats. We knew then, that it was high time, “To construct something new.” Says Wolfgang Kotschenreuther, who stimulated the new development.

Because Kotschenreuther had already gained a lot of experience with the new Versus-Penta-Wave tarpaulin quick-opening system in the volume sector, was obvious, that this system was shortlisted. But how should a system?, which requires a continuous lower running rail, fit into an offset jumbo trailer? Together with Versus, Kotschenreuther then developed a two-part tarpaulin. A conventional tarpaulin with spring steel strips is installed in the loft bed, which makes the plug-in slats unnecessary and is attached to the upper guide rail with special smooth-running carriages. The tarpaulin ends at the first partition, which also marks the beginning of the deep bed. Behind it we continue with the Versus Penta Wave system, adapted for higher lifts on the lifting roof, on the partition and at the rear with central locking. “This is a quantum leap in usability. We didn't have a plan yet, which is so easy to open and close with a cranked saddle, And all of this in just a few seconds,” says Christian Reischl, Head of Production and Technology at Kotschenreuther. “It’s a dream for the driver, And on top of that there is the time saving at each loading point.”

The new system is available on one or both sides and has an XL drinks certificate and a load securing system that runs along the roof belt as additional equipment.

Check out our beverage saddle at this year's BREATHE and Karlsruhe!